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distantgriever's Journal

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Name: Squall Leonhart
Age: 17
Birth date: August 23rd
Height: 5'8"

Personality: Quiet and solitary by nature, Squall keeps a somewhat hushed profile, usually expressionless and distant. Though his ambition isn't shortsighted, his team spirit is very much lacking. An introvert, his social life can be described as non-existent.


As a child, Squall was somewhat affectionate and caring growing up in an orphanage. However, once his favorite person left the facility, things began to change. By the time he was taken in by Balamb Garden in order to begin training as a SeeD mercenary, Squall had turned into a rather cold and uncaring individual. All that mattered to him was fulfilling what was required and expected of him as a potential SeeD. People who tried to open up to him would typically be met with a response asking why he should care.

By the time he was 17, Squall was at the top of his Quistis Trepe-instructed class along with the person whom he most despised, Seifer Almasy. During a training session, the two gunblade users (the only ones in all of Balamb Garden) went further than they should have when Seifer pulled the trigger. In retaliation, Squall countered with a similar blow. Both were hurt but not badly and would survive with a large scar between their eyes.

When he finally did become a SeeD, Squall quickly developed a fine reputation as a leader and fighter. With his gunblade (a hybrid gun and sword), he rarely missed an opponent. When really under pressure, he could call upon his Renzokuken attack and inflict massive damage. His abilities highly impressed Cid Kramer, the headmaster of the Garden who would eventually bestow him with more responsibility as he would lead the fight against the most dangerous threat the world had ever seen. Throughout his quest, Squall had recurring, frighteningly real dreams involving a man he had never met named Laguna Loire. He would eventually learn the man's role in his life -- but not without a few tough battles and surprises along the way.

EDUCATION: Taught the ways of a SeeD.

OCCUPATION: SeeD mercenary.

FAMILY: Parents died when Squall was too young to remember.
[Mother: Raine (deceased) Father: Laguna Loire (living)]

AMBITIONS: To do what is asked of him as a SeeD.


Personal LJ: daiyaonna
E-mail: daiyaonna [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: onlydaiforyou
Yahoo: daiyaonna


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